Monday, January 3, 2011


While on the subject of contentment, let me share a few things with you that I am thankful for today…

A “Healthy” December – Silas was so sick over his birthday and Christmas last year (2009).  He really couldn’t enjoy anything.  It took all the energy he had just to open his presents.  It was so nice to see him happy and excited as he participated in all of the birthday and Christmas activities.

One Good Week – For the most part, Silas has been feeling really good this past week.  Even though he’s been doing better the last few months, he still doesn’t always have his “spark.”  He’s been feeling good enough to turn back into the little ham I know he is.  You’ll have to get him to tell you a joke sometime.

Snuggle Time – Last week, Autumn grabbed her blanket and her new unicorn Pillow Pet and came to sit with me on the couch.  She’s never been much of a snuggler, so I have to catch the few opportunities that arise.  Although she wasn’t feeling well, I savored the hours she decided to sit with me on the couch that morning.

Singing – With Silas feeling well, he has started singing.  Throughout the day, I’ll stop and cherish the sounds of his sweet voice coming down the hallway – such a contrast to the cries and screams that filled the house for so long.  Today in the van, he started singing “Silent Night.”  His version was just priceless, and he allowed Autumn and me to join him as we drove down the road together.

Our Pediatrician – (We just had a well visit this morning.)  It took me four years to find a good one, and I’m glad we finally have someone who remembers what’s going on with my children and takes my concerns seriously.

I hope you will comment with things you’re thankful for today…


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  1. Janel,
    I'm so proud of you. The blog is wonderful to read and I look forward to reading every new post even though I've lived it with you. You are a wonderful wife and mother and we are blessed.
    Keep up the great work.
    Your Hubby, Criss