Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Surgeries

Silas has been recovering VERY slowly since his G-tube surgery.  It was about 3 weeks before he really started playing again, and it's still sore to the touch.  He's been at school, and the year's off to a good start.

from a few months back...

On Tuesday, September 11, my mom had surgery to remove a mass from her abdomen.  They originally found the cancer four years ago.  It had started in her appendix and spread throughout her abdomen.  She had surgery to remove it as well as chemo.  The doctors said she would need to do this again every 3-4 years or so.  This spring, the cancer had regrown to the point that they needed to operate again.  She went through another round of chemo before having surgery.  In August, she found out that is was growing again.  They went back in to remove the largest of the growths.  There are others that they were unable to remove.  Please pray for her as she recovers from the surgery.

Last week was Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week.  Ironically, Autumn had an appointment with her Mito doctor in Atlanta.  They have never known whether Autumn's mitochondrial problems are primary or secondary.  Some new tests are coming out in the next few weeks that could possible help us find out some of the answers we've been looking for.  Keep your fingers crossed.

The day after our trip to Atlanta, Autumn had the surgery to remove her ear tubes.  That went very smoothly, and it hasn't set her back a bit.