Monday, January 3, 2011


Something happened as we left one of Autumn’s physical therapy sessions that has stuck with me.  Autumn was still using a walker at the time.  (You can see a picture a few posts back.  She used it from around the time she was 2 until just before she turned 3.)  She used one for a while just because she fell so often.  It was mostly for getting in and out of places.  Once inside, she was good at sticking close to the wall, furniture, and other items to help her stay balanced.  When she was in open spaces, there was nothing to hold, and she would fall several times before making it in the building.  The walker was a great help.  Of course, everyone around her had to watch out as she flew around with that thing, knocking over whatever – or whomever – was in her way.

Autumn has always been very resourceful.  She had come up with this unique system for walking and trying to stay balanced.  For most kids, you can hold their hand to keep them up while they’re learning to walk.  For Autumn, holding her hand seemed to throw off this whole system she had developed.

Back to the story…  As we left PT that day, a woman walked by.  She saw Autumn maneuvering across the parking lot with her walker, and stopped to talk to me.  She only said a few words, but they were so powerful.  The lady remarked, “She is doing such a great job.  I wish my son could walk as well as her.”  And she was on her way.

Autumn was going to therapy 3-4 days a week, and Silas was still at the point that he was crying and in pain most of the time.  However, it was a good reminder to be thankful for what I DID have.  All of the activities we were involved with put us in the position to interact with many different kids with special needs.  Some had diminished mental function or were unable to speak, others had little or no use of their arms and legs – or no limbs at all.  Many who looked at Autumn with that little walker may have felt pity.  But others – like this lady – saw something they longed for their own child to accomplish.

It’s been said that you can always find someone better off than you – but you can also find someone who has it worse.  As you look at your life today, take the time to appreciate the things you DO have as you remember the lady who longed for the day her son could use a walker.

“Now there is great gain in godliness with contentment.”  I Timothy 6:6


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