Thursday, December 29, 2011

More Test Results

The nurse called yesterday with more test results.  Silas' disaccharidase levels are low across the board.  She said this is very unusual and would indicate that there is damage to the lining of the small intestine.

Silas had already failed the fructose malabsorption test, and this new finding would explain why he has problems with other simple carbs - including sucrose and lactose.

She said they would likely want to do further testing to try to get a better look at the small intestine (since the endoscopy and colonoscopy can't go very far into the small intestine).

He's been taking the new medicine (Apriso) since last Saturday.  At this point, he's doing worse.  He's had problems with capsules in the past, so yesterday we started taking the medicine out of the capsule for him to take it, and we'll have to see if that helps.  I've read that the capsules can be made from beef.  I don't know if that's the problem (his beef allergy) or if they're just rough on his digestive system.


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