Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Updates - 5/24/2011

I finally heard back from the group in Atlanta that Autumn had a follow-up with in February.  They haven’t sent me the full report yet, but it didn’t sound like they found anything that would give us any further direction.

Autumn had her EKG & EEG last week.  We see her neurologist this Thursday, so I’m guessing we’ll get the results then.

We did get the results from the rereading of Silas’ old biopsies.  Some of eosinophil counts appear to be borderline or slightly elevated (even though he was only on elemental formula at the time).  Our GI here agreed to refer us to another GI in South Carolina who specializes in eosinophilic disorders.  Looks like we’ll see Dr. M the end of June.

Yesterday, Autumn had her Kindergarten Graduation / Awards Ceremony.  She had a great year and is headed to first grade!  Silas finished the year with his preschool class with a bowling party today.  He was so excited and had a lot of fun with his friends.

I’ll give another update after the visit with the neurologist.


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