Monday, May 9, 2011

Disaster Relief - Pleasant Grove

Sunday morning, Criss and I volunteered at a church in Pleasant Grove that is providing supplies, food, and other services to those affected by the tornadoes.  Here are some of the pictures I took of the area while we were there.

Sometimes a lonely driveway was the only sign that a house once occupied the ravaged parcel of land.  (Note the driveway to the left in the picture below.)

We were amazed by the mangled steel beems.

I'll have to post the rest of the pictures later.  Seeing it all in person made my stomach churn.  Continue to pray for all those affected by the storms.


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  1. Life is precious and the routines of life that we enjoy on this earth are a privilege. Pictures like this always remind me that this world is not the "best" to come. So glad you were able to go be His hands and feet to those who needed a smiling face and willing hearts ready to serve. Feeling helpless leaves us ripe to listen well and serve w/o pride.