Saturday, May 14, 2011

Children's Literature

I still need to finish posting the rest of the pictures, but I’m going to venture off-topic for a moment.  (I have dial-up, so it takes me FOREVER to post pictures.)

This spring was the third year that I’ve been asked to teach Literature for Children at a local college. (For those that know me, it’s at the college where I earned my undergraduate degree.)

Every year, the students rate their favorite books.  Thought I would share their top choices with you:

1.    The New Kid on Spurwink Avenue – Great book!
2.    All Tied for 2nd
a.    I Love You Like Crazy Cakes – A story about adoption.
3.    Tied for 3rd
a.    Officer Buckle and Gloria – This one is hilarious.  You have to look closely at the pictures.
c.    Falling Up - Poetry

1.    Who Is Sam Harrington? – This one made the list twice.
4.    Tied for 4th
a.    Jazz Fly – Book and CD.  Very catchy little tune.
5.    Drummer Hoff

1.    Amelia Bedelia’s First Day of School – This is one book in a new series based on the classic Amelia Bedelia books.
2.    The Tale of Three Trees – Great book!
3.    Who Is Sam Harrington? – You’ve gotta read this one.
4.    The Mitten – Fun book with beautiful pictures.

Others that I like
·         Snowmen at Night – So cute!
·         Guess How Much I Love You
·         Charlotte’s Web – Makes me cry every time.
·         The Velveteen Rabbit – This link shows the version I have at home.  I LOVE the pictures in this one.

Hope you will comment with some of your favorites.


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  1. Sam came home with Jazz Fly from the school library. :) I've ready Officer Buckle and Gloria but don't love it. I'll check out the pics again.

    Love anything by Jan Brett. And, your students haven't discovered Mo Willems?

    You've seen most of our favs on my blog. Zach (K) loves the Magic Tree House series. Sam is all about graphic novels (any good ones you know of that are good for 2nd grade?) I can still wow Eli with many of my fav picture books from our home library. He loves a good story ... Curious George rides a bike is a fav ... it fits his personality. Sometimes I wonder if I should read it to him. He doesn't need any other ideas. ;)