Thursday, August 2, 2012

Georgia Aquarium - 7/28/12

Our second trip (using our GKTW Pass) was to the Georgia Aquarium.  Criss and I had been to the ones in Chattanooga and Gatlinburg but not Atlanta.  It’s the world’s largest aquarium, and boy was it busy!

There’s a 1 hour time difference between here and Atlanta, plus a three hour drive.  Thankfully, we left on time because by the time we had to pull over several times (for Silas’ feeding pump alarm going off), find the parking deck, walk to the aquarium, and stand in the Will Call line (for about 20 minutes), we barely made it in time.  (I had to give them our arrival time when I called, and they only give you one hour of “grace.”)

The hassle of getting there and into to the building was worth it.  Everyone was feeling good for most of the day, and we had a great time.

There were massive tanks…

And places where the kids could pet some of the animals.

They had an amazing dolphin show (no pictures allowed).  We also watched a fun 3D movie.  Silas wasn’t thrilled about going in (he was getting tired) but was glad he did.

And soon, it was time to leave…

Olympic Park was just across the road, and the kids begged to play on the playground before we left.  They did a little rolling around in the grass too.

It was good day, and the kids fell fast asleep on the drive home.


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