Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DeSoto Caverns - 6/9/12

Last October, Autumn was granted a “wish” from Magic Moments.  We were able to spend a never-to-be-forgotten week in Orlando staying at the Give Kids the World Village, and visiting Disney World and other local attractions.

When we checked out of The Village, we were given a special pass.  For up to one year, we can get into a long list of parks across the country (one visit at each park).  With the kids in school and me student teaching, we didn’t get to start visiting any of the parks until just recently.

Our first stop was DeSoto Caverns.

They have added so many new attractions since I was last there many years ago.

You can dig for “precious stones.”

You can pan for “gold” (and more of those “precious stones” – just in case you didn’t find enough of them in the sand box).  J

And there’s SO much more…

The people at DeSoto Caverns were so great.  They gave each of us an armband (normally $50 each) that let us into all of the attractions for as many times as we wanted.

About the time we made it to the bubbles, it started raining, but that didn’t stop us.  We just kept on going.  Although I didn’t get the camera out in the rain, we have a water balloon fight, shot arrows, battled with “guns” that shot plastic balls, and more.  We also toured the cavern earlier in the day – those pictures just didn’t turn out as well.  (We really need to get a new camera.  Our current one is 7 years old, and it’s not always focusing like it needs to.)

We had a WONDERFUL time, and we look forward to visiting some of the other places on our list.

Last Saturday, we headed to Atlanta to visit the Georgia Aquarium.  More on that next time.


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