Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Little Stud

Yesterday (and so far this morning), Silas has been in THE BEST mood.  It is so nice when it happens, and I try to relish every moment.  Things are starting to warm back up around here, and I can only hope that spring and summer will bring us more good days.  (For some reason, spring and summer tend to be better months for him.)

Not that Silas has been in a terrible mood.  He’s just not really been himself much.  It’s the little things that only those who know him well would notice.  He tires more quickly, doesn’t talk as much, and gets frustrated very easily.  But yesterday, he was talking up a storm.  Autumn somehow missed her bus yesterday, so I had to wake Silas up from his nap for us to go and pick her up.  Silas started talking to the lady in the school office, and I didn’t think we’d ever get out of there.  J  It was fun though.  We also had a family “Sock War” last night before bedtime.  (Criss folded some of his socks into little balls and we all threw them at each other.)  Everyone had the best time.  Things like that can make Silas tired, and he can suddenly become very agitated – but not last night.  So fun!  If you have kids, you really must plan your own Sock War very soon.

This past week, I finally bought curtain rods so I could hang some curtains I had bought with my Christmas money.  We also have a picture we need to hang, so Criss had borrowed my dad’s stud finder.  Silas was looking at it this morning and held it up to his chest.

Here’s a closer look since the words are hard to see in the first picture.

“Stud found.”  It was just too funny!

Here’s hoping for more happy days to come.


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