Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Autumn's Many Faces

Autumn’s had an eventful few months.  January 26 was the 100th Day of School for her Kindergarten class.  The kids dressed like they were 100 years old.  Here’s what Autumn looked like that morning.  She was wearing a crazy wig along with a shawl and walked with a cane.

Autumn was admitted to the hospital on Friday, February 11.  She had gotten dehydrated while sick with the flu.  Here she is the next day – looking so much better.  She went home later that afternoon.

The weekend that Autumn was in the hospital, she was registered for the Mercedes Kids’ Marathon.  They keep track of the kids’ walking/running during PE time at school, and they complete the final mile the day of the race.  Criss was going to walk with her to make sure she made it okay.  Maybe next year…

The last picture is from this past week.  The Kindergarten classes performed a play entitled “Friendly Neighborhood Helpers” at this month’s PTO meeting.  Autumn was one of the vegetable grocers.  The kids were SO cute, and they did a great job!

Autumn’s smile will soon have a new look as well.  She went to the dentist this morning.  Her permanent teeth on the bottom are growing in behind the baby teeth.  We’re going to have to go back soon to let them pull the baby teeth.  Not looking forward to that one.

On a happy note, nearly two years ago, someone at Autumn’s preschool who had worked with Magic Moments gave us a form to apply for Autumn to receive a “wish.”  They were a little behind on funds at the time and told us it might be a little while.  Well, someone from Magic Moments left a message on my phone today saying that we had been approved!  We should be getting forms in the mail soon with more info.  Looks like we’re going to Disney World!


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