Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Fourth!

Silas was excited from the moment the first firework trailers started to show up.  Of course, it was a while before they actually opened, but the unmanned trailers were just enough to make him overjoyed with anticipation.  After Criss got off work last Friday, we took the kids for a special fireworks shopping trip.  We didn’t get that many things, but it was enough to make the kids happy.  We used a few that night and saved the rest for The Fourth!

While at the fireworks stand, we specifically tried to buy things that were pretty but didn’t make a lot of noise.  Autumn is still very sensitive to loud noises, and fireworks usually bring her to tears.  L  The first experience I recall was several years back when we decided to watch the large fireworks display that is launched near Vulcan every year.  We were many miles from the actual site of detonation, but Autumn was absolutely terrified and tearfully made it through with Criss covering her ears for her.  So, if we’re outside somewhere, she cries and holds here ears until it’s over, or if we’re at someone’s house, she runs inside once the exploding begins.

This year, however, I think we’ve come up with a system that works for everyone.  We specifically bought items that with a little less “bang.”  I told Autumn that we had bought things that would be pretty but wouldn’t make a lot of noise.  She was not going to be convinced that easily.  I tried to sit with her on the porch while Criss and Silas headed up the festivities in the yard, but she wouldn’t have it.  Since her room is on the front side of the house, she ended up going inside and watching from her bedroom window.  That way, she was able to watch but felt a bit more secure with a barrier between her and the explosions.  So, that was our general setup for our Friday night pre-show.

The weekend was busy with a birthday party (at the movie theatre where the kids watched Cars 2), a Sunday School social, church, a Daddy/Daughter date at the Botanical Gardens, etc…

Monday (July 4th) we went swimming and ate lunch with some of our family and friends just before storms set in for the afternoon.  That night we finished our fireworks show in a drizzling rain (probably for the best since there have been so many fires lately).  Criss and Silas stood in the yard with umbrellas while I sat on the porch and Autumn watched happily from the window.

So thankful to live in America!


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