Friday, April 22, 2011

I Think I'll Move to Canada

I go through phases of doing lots of research concerning the children’s health issues.  Lately, I’ve found a few Yahoo Groups that have been very helpful.  The frustrating thing is when I find things that could possibly help the kids, but they’re not available in the US.  For example, there’s a medicine called Ketotifen.  It was formerly used as an asthma medication.  It wasn’t very good at helping asthma, but it’s been found to be very helpful in allergic-type disorders of the digestive system – including mastocytosis and eosinophilic disorders.  The problem?  You can’t get it here.  It’s available in Canada, and I believe you don’t even have to have a prescription – it’s supposed to be over-the-counter.

Today, I was reading information from a group for those with cerebral folate deficiencies.  I read about a child who had problems with Leucovorin (like Autumn did).  They swapped to Isovorin, and the child is doing great on it.  Can you get it here?  Of course not.

Thus, my thoughts on moving to Canada.

But then…

I remember my roommate from college who was from Canada.  I recall her describing the many layers she had to put on each day just to leave the house.  (I can’t stand wearing a coat – much less three layers of clothing with a coat on top of it all.)  I think of the freezing cold temperatures and the many feet of snow.

Maybe I’ll move to Australia instead.  J


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