Saturday, April 6, 2013

Where We've Been

So much to say, so little time to write these days...

Life just gets busier and busier.  I think all the time about writing, but other things get in the way.  

I've been teaching college classes on and off for nearly seven years now.  I was teaching one course (as well as a couple independent studies) in the fall, and they had hoped to have me teach several more this spring.  However, there weren't enough students that needed the classes this time around, and that left me desperately needing another source of income.

We've been mostly living on one income since I was pregnant with Silas - along with the occasional money from the college classes.  We were making it somehow, even with the large number of medical expenses we have.  However, with the addition of the feeding tube last summer, I had to find a more steady income source.

But, God provided.  A job opened up at the kids' school - and it was the one position that I absolutely LOVE - intervention.  I spend half the day as a Tier III teacher, giving extra help to students who are struggling.  I am working with kids in 1st - 5th grades.  I enjoy the pace and variety.  The second half of the day, I work just with second graders.  Their classes are very full, but it was too late in the year to split the classes.  So, I pull out small groups during the afternoons.  Autumn loves the fact that my classroom is on her hallway, so she sees me several times during the day.  Silas gives me big hugs when I see him in the lunchroom, and grins when we run into each other in the hallway.

Beyond the additional income, it has provided us with supplemental insurance that has been covering all of our deductables, copays, coinsurance, prescription copays, etc.  For most people this isn't much.  For us, it's saving us hundreds and hundreds of dollars every month.  Yeah!!!

And thus...the reason there's so little time to write.  But, I will try to do better.

Another reason is related to our camera.  The camera we'd been using was on it's last leg, so we bought a new one with some of our Christmas money.  Our computer is also on it's last leg, an we're afraid that downloading a new program for the camera as well as all the new pictures will be more than our poor computer can handle.  Hopefully we'll have a new one soon.  Since I've been working full time, we're going down the list of everything that's been broken and slowly fixing or replacing everything.  Other things (like the oven) were just higher on the list.

Until then, I'll will try to send a few more (pictureless) updates.

Happy Belated Easter!  He is Risen...He is Risen Indeed!


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