Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our Week In Review

Monday – Silas woke up with his stomach hurting and his blood sugar a little low.  Ate very little.  Irritable and whiny on and off all day.  Took him to Nana & Papa’s that night because Autumn’s trip to Atlanta was the next day.

Called power company.  Our last two bills have nearly doubled.  Something’s wrong somewhere.  Said they would send someone to the check meter in next few days.

Tuesday – Atlanta Trip.  See post from 2/9/11.  Autumn threw up all over everybody while they were taking her blood.  Didn’t act like she felt good the rest of the day and slept most of the way home.

Wednesday – Silas woke up pretty irritable.  Took his blood sugar, and it was 58.  Ketones were 1.1.  Called Dr. W.  He had said to page him if Silas’ ketones went above 1.  He said we were fine for now as long as they went back down after eating.  Said to call him again if they stayed above 1 or spiked to 2.  Autumn woke up with a fever.  It was 102.5 all day.  Slept most of the day. 

Snow coming overnight.  Silas’ preschool closed tomorrow.

Thursday – Autumn still sick.  Silas’ preschool closed.  Nana watched the kids while I went to teach my Literature for Children class at a local college.  Autumn’s fever lowered throughout the day.  She played and didn’t nap at all during the day.  Silas’ nose runny and eyes watery – no fever.  Still not eating as much a usual.

Friday – After waking up, Autumn laid on the couch and barely moved.  She hadn’t been eating well all week since she’d been sick.  Ate a few bites of a waffle and her vitamin.  A few minutes later, she threw up.  Took her temp, but it was gone.  Took her blood sugar.  It was 44.  Called the pediatrician and made an appointment.  Autumn was very lethargic and floppy.  Wasn’t even trying to hold herself up.  Tested positive for Flu A.  (She’d already had Flu B in the fall.)  Pediatrician called Autumn’s neurologist who said to admit her to the hospital.

Arrived at hospital around 12:30.  Hospital was full.  Finally got IV fluids about 3:00 and a room around 4.  Room was two doors down from the room we had when Silas was there for 2 ½ weeks in August 2008 – bad memories.  When they took her blood, Autumn was so dehydrated that it was very thick and looked more like molasses.  And I won’t even tell you how I felt about the guy who walked in, saw the notes in Autumn’s file about her unusual gait, etc. (I’m assuming notes from her neurology visits), and wanted her to walk across the room so he could see it for himself.  (Don’t forget, Autumn at this point is still lying lifeless on the table.)  I wanted to tell him that we weren’t a side show at the circus, but I was nice.

A little after 5, the nurse said they should be bringing Autumn something to eat soon.  Kitchen called a little later.  They had been waiting for a nutritionist to help them figure out what to feed her.  Tried to explain her diet – no gluten, no corn, no dairy.  Very difficult to do in a short phone call.  She commented, “Well, gluten’s in a lot of things.”  Yeah, tell me about it.  And she hadn’t even realized yet how many things contain corn.  7:00 they finally sent her something.  Autumn was hungry and was very whiny by this point.  I hope you noticed that we’d been there 6 ½ hours before they finally gave her something.  I had a few snacks with us but not enough for the entire day.  Nana & Papa were watching Silas.  Grandmother & Granddaddy came to visit.  They stopped at Organic Harvest on the way and brought more food for us to keep in the room.  Obviously we couldn’t count on the hospital to feed her.  I know Autumn’s diet’s complicated, but they need a better plan for dealing with special diets.

Criss spent the night with Autumn.  I went home to spend the night with Silas and to grab some things from the house for the next day.

Saturday – Dropped Silas back off at Nana & Papa’s.  Returned to hospital with Thermoses of foods for Autumn to eat during the day.  She was looking a lot better and communicating more.  Autumn colored and watched videos most of the day.  She wasn’t allowed to leave the room since she had the flu.  (Although by this point her fever was gone and she wasn’t actually contagious any more.)  Everyone who came into the room had to wear a mask, apron, and gloves.  Released from hospital that afternoon.

Still have not heard back from electric company.  When we got home, our water bill was in the mailbox.  It had doubled.  Note on bill:  “Possible Leak Detected.”  How can both our electric bill and water bill get messed up at the exact same time?  Criss looked under the house but couldn’t find the leak.  No water in meter box.  Will have to try to search for leak in the yard.  Oh joy!

At least we’re all home now.  We need everyone to stay well for Criss and me to leave for our cruise.  (Criss was one of the winners of a sales competition at work again this year.  His company is paying for us to go.)  Hope all of you are having a better week than we are.  I know there are a lot of people sick right now.

If you hear Criss and I didn’t make it back to the boat in time for the departure from Mexico, don’t worry about us.  We’ll be in a hammock somewhere along the beach.J


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  1. Wow, Janel. I just read all the posts on this page, from top to bottom, and I am...speechless. The grace and humor you use to deal with the curves life has thrown at you is inspiring. I was always amazed by you growing up. I see I have reason to continue to be amazed by you. What a testament to God's amazing grace you are.